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Who is Topkracht

Topkracht Personnel Services was established in 2009. Since then we have been a specialist in broadcasting, payrolling, secondment and recruiting & selecting top candidates in different industries.

Power of Topkracht

Our service is distinctive in our regional expertise, engagement and advice at top level. Our head office is located in Deurne.
We operate both in the region and nationwide.

The power of Topkracht Personnel Services lies in the sober way of working and communicating. We communicate clearly and effectively with both our clients and with our temporary workers. We experience that this is greatly appreciated by both parties. In addition, we have extensive market knowledge. As a result, we are widely employable.

We have invested in the certification of our processes in the field of the:

  • NEN-4400 certification: staff, salary, and financial administration
  • SNCU: compliance with CAO Agreements and payments.
  • VCU: safeness and health.