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For situations that your organization can't always anticipate, such as bringing in a large contingency assignment, peak load or temporarily high absenteeism. We offer the right solution: flexible top forces.

Recruitment and selection: our strength!

Recruiting and selecting temporary workers is our profession. You can use this expertise if you are looking for temporary powers or permanent staff. We do not specifically target one target group. We have a large workforce at every level, in every industry.


Availability of our operational intercedenten is of great importance to our customers. This applies to operations where work is being done with shifted working hours. We like to think along with you in this. Our starting point here is that we can be reached from 08:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday. After business hours, one of our intercedenten can be reached by phone on a mobile number.

For more information about Top Strength Personnel Services, our rates or for making a non-committal appointment, please contact us.